More Like Her


More Like Her

“The book is a well-plotted examination of domestic violence, chasing unattainable dreams and hiding one’s real self. The dialogue is sparky, the characters engaging and this is by all means a great read.”
—The Daily Mail

Palmer’s dialogue is reliably natural and funny, and her insights into the way women betray their true selves in search of acceptance are keen and honest.”
—Publisher’s Weekly

“This is sharp, funny, clever and very romantic. The story, about a young woman downsizing her expectations in the wake of a tragedy, might not be new, but Palmer’s handling of it is surprisingly fresh and engaging.”

“Just when you think you’ve figured out what might happen next in More Like Her, readers take a joy ride of suspense that makes them rethink every assumption they’ve made about people who seem to have it all. With wit and warmth, Liza Palmer deconstructs the meaning of love, friendship and what really counts in life.”
—Sally Koslow